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Customized Indexing Conveyors

Key Specs
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+ Standard Specs
Electrical Requirements
5A 220VAC 3 PHASE @ 60 HZ
Multiple standard lengths and styles

*Note: Not all features will be available on all models.

  • Stainless steel belt
  • Food grade plastic belting
  • Automatic PLC controls for container Stop-Fill-Release
  • Tool-less quick adjustment rails
  • User-friendly touchscreen

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Product Description

Ohlson Packaging manufactures a variety of indexing conveyors to integrate to our customers’ specific needs. These systems allow for the precision movement of bottles, jars, clamshell containers, trays, or boxes in combination with fillers, flow wrappers, and other aspects of the packaging process.


Indexing Conveyor Model# 8-CON-STR-SS Download


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