The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.



Weighing, Counting, and Filling
Ohlson Packaging’s high speed weighing, counting, and filling solutions provide important business benefits that boost your bottom line and deliver rapid return on your investment.
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VFFS Bagging
Our line of bagging systems are available in vertical form fill seal machines and rotary pouch machines.
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Pre-Made Pouching
Pre-Made Pouching Machines
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Cups, Trays, and Clamshells
Ohlson Packaging provides a number of solutions for cup, tray, and clamshell container applications.
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Conveyors and Material Handling
Our conveyors and material handling options can be customized to your packaging equipment system to deliver product on time, every time.
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Product Inspection
Ensure that the weight of your packaged product is consistent throughout the entire production process with a durable Ohlson check weigher.
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Complete Automated Systems
Ohlson Packaging is your premier choice for fully automated, reliable and accurate automatic packaging machinery.
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Common Accessories
Complete your packaging line with these efficient equipment pieces.
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