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Ohlson Packaging FAQs

Welcome to the Ohlson Packaging FAQ page, which covers several frequent questions we receive from customers regarding our weighing, bagging, and other packaging equipment.

I have a packaging project I need help with. How can I get started?

You can get in touch with the Ohlson team in a number of ways

  • Fill out our Quote Request Form
    • Provide as much information as you can, but don’t worry if you don’t know everything – we’re here to work with you
  • Email us directly at
  • Call our main office line – 508-977-0004 – and ask for a member of the Sales team. Our engineering and other teams will definitely be part of the process, but the Sales team usually coordinates all of that stuff on our end for you.

How does a Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagging Machine work?

Vertical form fill seal bagging machines use a forming tube, horizontal sealing jaws and vertical seal bar to form a bag from roll stock film. Once the bottom and sides of the bag are formed, the bag is filled, sealed, and the process repeats. Vertical form fill seal machines most commonly create what is known as a pillow bag, and are typically integrated with a scale or other filling/dosing system.

For a more detailed description of how a VFFS machine works, please see our blog, which covers functionality as well as the types of seals and bags common to these machines.

How does a Multi-Head Weigher work?

A multi-head weigher – also sometimes known as a combination weigher or multi-head scale – is a high-speed, high accuracy weighing machine which is commonly used in the food industry as well as other packaging applications.

Each machine contains multiple weighing heads, each with their own load cell, which are used in combination. Based on the target weight, the software of the scale chooses which scale buckets (when added together) combine to reach the desired weight.

For a more detailed description of the principles of how multi-head weighers work and diagrams of the process, read our blog on the topic.

How expensive are your packaging machines?

Every Ohlson solution is custom designed to meet the needs of each customer and their products, so there’s no simple answer in terms of cost.

In most cases, the return-on-investment timeline for an Ohlson packaging system is generally less than a year (and often takes just a few months). We have multiple ROI calculator templates available to help our customers have real discussions about how our packaging machinery can be a valuable long-term investment. For a look at ROI and a link to our calculator sheet, click here.

What if my company isn’t ready for a full automated system?

We know that not every company is ready for a completed automated system, and that’s why Ohlson Packaging offers a variety of semi-automatic solutions to help companies get started transitioning away from manual packaging.

We also design Ohlson’s systems to be as modular as possible, so a linear or multi-head scale purchased in the initial phase of a project can continue to be utilized once production grows to accommodate a vertical form fill seal bagging machine, or other piece of equipment. For existing Ohlson customers who are looking to upgrade their current Ohlson equipment, Ohlson Packaging does offer trade-in options on a case by case basis. An Ohlson Sales Person can walk you thought the process.

Can you ship to other countries?

Yes, Ohlson Packaging can ship and install equipment globally. As a member of the Duravant family, our team is part of the SupportPro, providing installation, support, and ongoing training on our machines worldwide.

How do I set up one of your machines?

Ohlson Packaging sends out one of our Ohlson/SupportPro Service Technicians to install your equipment, set up the programs needed for your products and containers, as well as train your employees on standard operations, preventive maintenance, etc.

For a picture of what installation might look like, see this blog from our team.

What kind of software do your machines use? What data can be pulled from the system?

Each of our machines uses software designed to maximize its output while providing a simple, easy-to-use interface. Each of our machines comes with a detailed manual covering all of the different program and system options.

In general, our systems are PLC driven, and can make a variety of data points from the system available to feed into other programs and systems.

If you have specific programming needs or requests for your solutions, just let us know. We’re happy to evaluate what you’re looking for, and include any custom programming work required into the rest of the project spec.

What kind of power and compressed air requirements do your machines have?

The specific electrical and air needs of each machine are generally listed on the specific product page. Most of our automated packaging machines utilize 220V electrical connections, some of which require single-phase power and some of which require three-phase connections.  Compressed air requirements are based on clean, dry air.

Once you have a quote in process, our engineering team can create a layout drawing showing the power and air requirements for your specific proposed system.

The actual power and air utilization over a specific period of time would vary based on a variety of factors, so that’s not something we can really give a hard answer on.

What certifications do your machines have?

Ohlson Packaging’s machines are CE certified, and we aim to follow best-in-class manufacturing processes across the board.

If your project has a specific certification requirement – such as NTEP-certified load cells, etc. – please let us know as part of the initial quote process, and we will ensure you have all of the proper documentation.