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Meal and Product Kit Packaging Systems

Meal Kits Growing in Multiple Styles

Pre-packaged meal kits and salads – in a variety of structures and business models – have exploded during the past several years.

Frozen food sections in grocery stores are now filled with microwaveable or skillet meals – each containing a variety of IQF ingredients pre-dosed into a single package. Meal delivery services have also grown rapidly – combining fresh produce and meats with smaller, single-serve sachet and stick packs for sauces, seasonings, and other recipe ingredients.

Each format requires a packaging system designed to deliver an end result that is cost-effective and designed for growth.

'Shrimp Scampi Skillet'

ROI Drives Use in Other Industries

The idea that pre-packaged kits is limited to food products couldn’t be further from the truth.

The automated packaging of product kits – whether for hardware, automotive, or other applications – can replace what can sometimes be a labor intensive – and expensive – process.

Ohlson has spent more than 50 years in the packaging industry, and we use that experience to quickly identify where our customers can make the biggest impact in their labor costs.

'Hardware Kit Machinery'

Equipment for Your Meal and Product Kitting Needs

Weighing and Dosing Equipment
Primary Packaging Machinery
Additional Packaging Equipment and Accessories
Combination Weighers & Counters
Ohlson Stainless Steel Multihead Scales & Counters are perfect for an array of high-accuracy and high-speed applications.
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Linear Weighers
Ohlson Stainless Steel Linear Weighing & Counting Systems are an ideal solution for automating your highly repetitive, labor-intensive processes.
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Linear Combination Weigher
Ohlson Packaging’s linear combination weigher model combines the technologies of both linear and combination weighers in order to provide an efficient weighing process.
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Liquid Piston Filler
Ohlson Packaging's piston fillers are the choice for liquid packing applications, allowing for the precise dosing of liquids into various containers.
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Pre-Made Pouch Machines
Ohlson Packaging’s Pre-made pouch machines come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to fit with your specific production workflow.
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Vertical Form Fill Seal
Ohlson Packaging manufactures a variety of vertical form fill seal machines for various applications.
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Container Indexing System
Ohlson Packaging’s container indexing system provides a high-speed bottle and jar filling solution, filling 8 containers at a time in a single lane.
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Automated Cup and Tray System
Ohlson Packaging’s automatic cup and tray sealing systems allow for the quick and easy filling of trays with various products, including medical devices, hardware, and food products such as snacks or frozen meals.
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Bucket Elevators
A bucket elevator is a great tool for those who need to deliver powder or small granule materials vertically for additional processing or packaging.
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Take Away Conveyors
Take away conveyors help bring bags up to a working height after packaging onto a rotary collection table or other step in the packaging process.
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Customized Indexing Conveyors
Ohlson Packaging manufactures a variety of indexing conveyors to integrate to our customers’ specific needs, allowing for the precision filling of any container.
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Reciprocating Placer (for Plastic Clamshell Trays)
This reciprocating placer automatically un-nests stacks of plastic clamshell trays in order to place them on an indexing conveyor.
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