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Stick Pack/Sachet Packaging

Popular Single-Use Formats

Sachets and stick packs are two packaging formats frequently used for single-serve packages, with a filling process similar to vertical form fill seal machines. However, because the packages are generally narrow, roll stock film is generally sliced into multiple lanes before filling.

While variations exist, stick pack machines generally create a fin or lap seal in the back of the package, as well as a top and bottom seal. Sachet machines, on the other hand, may create a 3- or 4-sided seal, or even a unique shape design.

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Single-Serve Options Growing Share

Single-serve package formats have continued to gain in popularity in recent years, with various drinks, supplements, and other products shifting their production.

In the wake of the impact of COVID-19, there is also a growing trend of companies manufacturing hand sanitizer sachet packs, rather than larger rigid plastic bottles.

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Equipment for Your Stick Pack and Sachet Needs

Filling Equipment
Product Inspection
Common Accessories
Combination Weighers & Counters
Ohlson Stainless Steel Multihead Scales & Counters are perfect for an array of high-accuracy and high-speed applications.
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Liquid Piston Filler
Ohlson Packaging's piston fillers are the choice for liquid packing applications, allowing for the precise dosing of liquids into various containers.
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Augers and Auger Fillers
Ohlson Packaging manufactures a number of different styles of augers and other equipment to help move powered and granulated substances through the packaging process.
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Metal Detectors
Metal detectors play an integral role in the overall quality assurance process when packaging food products.
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Check Weighers
Ensure that the weight of your packaged product is consistent throughout the entire production process with a durable Ohlson check weigher.
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Take Away Conveyors
Take away conveyors help bring bags up to a working height after packaging onto a rotary collection table or other step in the packaging process.
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Rotary Collection Table
Rotary tables are work positioning devices that allow for precision when dealing with metalworking, milling, other CNC machining techniques as well as bagging end-of-line production.
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Labelers and Printers
Ohlson Packaging carries a variety of labeling and printing options to best fit our customers’ varied needs.
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