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How to Calibrate a Bucket on Your Multi-Head Weigher

Published on May 20, 2020

Please see this video walkthrough to see how to calibrate a scale on your Ohlson Multi-Head Weigher. If you’re looking for a printable resource, here it is.

*Note – As software packages are updated, it’s possible some screens may look different on your screen.

If you notice a potential issue with calibration, empty out the scale and check the zero weights of all the buckets.

To find the bucket which needs calibration, got to Manual Operation, hit Wb Zero, and then select the buckets one at a time. In this case, bucket 2 needs calibration.

Go back to the main screen and select Calibration. You will be prompted for your password.

Enter the bucket you wish to calibrate and hit Enter.

Zero should be highlighted.  Double check to make sure the bucket is empty, and hit Enter to zero the bucket. Full should now be highlighted.

Take your 100g test weight, and place it in the weigh bucket.

On the display screen, hit Enter to calibrate. The weight should match your 100g test weight.

Now, remove the weight and hit “Return” to exit the Calibration Menu.

If you want to double-check your calibration, go back to the manual operations menu, hit WB Zero, and select the bucket you just calibrated.

It should now read zero.

If you continue to have issues with a specific bucket, please call our service team for additional troubleshooting.

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