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Meet Nancy Weber – Ohlson Packaging’s Cannabis Sales Expert

Published on November 19, 2019

If you’re working in the cannabis industry in North America, it’s a pretty decent possibility that you’ve been called, emailed, or messaged on LinkedIn by our Nancy Weber. Nancy has been with Ohlson since 2015, and for the past four years she’s focused almost exclusively on equipment for Ohlson’s cannabis solutions.

Nancy Weber - Ohlson Packaging

“We got started talking to cannabis companies back when there really weren’t any companies delivering a weighing and packaging solution designed for the needs of cannabis cultivators,” says Weber.

After some discussions with customers and distributors working in the industry, John Ohlson and the rest of the team developed a weighing and filling system which allows companies to hit accuracies of up to 1/100th of a gram at speeds up to 35 containers per minute (per production line).

With the retail cost of 1 gram of cultivated cannabis reaching $20 in some markets that accuracy makes a difference.

But the real value for cannabis companies is the reduction in labor costs. The average person hand packing a container may only be able to accurately fill 3 containers per minute.

“The companies we talk to know they need to automate,” says Weber. “There are a lot of competitors around them constantly, and each grower knows that they need to scale to keep up with the market.”

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One of Ohlson’s strengths when it comes to cannabis companies is its flexibility to customize solutions for companies which may have been told that automated equipment simply won’t fit in their current facility.

Thanks to some creative engineering, the company developed a system which could accommodate the lower ceiling heights found in many grow facilities.

“We’ve made a number of changes throughout the years which have allowed for even more design flexibility and versatility,” says Weber. “We know what these customers need and we take pride in designing solutions for companies where others couldn’t deliver.”

The cannabis industry has undergone a great deal of transformation during the past few years, with a great deal of consolidation of various industry players taking place across the United States and Canada.

The maturation of the industry has taken hold in all of the other suppliers and solutions geared specifically toward the cannabis market – packaging included.

“When you see all the other packaging companies launching their cannabis products now, and it validates what we’ve been doing,” says Weber. “It’s just falls back to us to prove to everyone that we have a superior, tried-and-tested product – not just a machine someone put a green sticker on.”

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