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Modified Atmosphere Packaging – A Fresh Approach to Food Packaging

Published on August 4, 2017

Customers are always more likely to return and purchase similar foods when they have a positive experience, such as purchasing fresh meat and fruit products where the shelf life has been efficiently extended, providing great quality for longer than usually expected. Modified atmosphere packaging exchanges air for a protective gas mix, so the product does not deteriorate as quickly as it would in normal air, inside or outside of the packaging.

Which Food Producers are Likely to Choose These Products?

When your business is involved with the sale of fresh and processed meat, modified atmosphere packaging will become a standard requirement. These units are also suitable for a wide range of other food products including cheese, fruit and vegetables, fresh pasta, milk powder, fresh poultry, as well as seafood and fish.

We understand the food and packaging industries, and our experience helps us to appreciate the need for red meat to contain high oxygen to maintain its fresh look and color, while bread requires a far lower level of oxygen so that mold cannot grow quickly, making the product unsaleable. Where you offer vegetables within your production line, we can explain why they require a three-gas mixture.

Food Does Spoil

While everyone understands that food will eventually spoil, consumers wish to purchase food that will last as long as possible and appear fresh during the time in which they choose to prepare and eat the food. The lifestyles used by many in modern times often means that individuals only visit the grocery store once a week. Some fruit and salad items – and particularly sliced meats – will not stay fresh for long without the use of modified atmosphere packaging.

Where you require plastic bag sealing machines, we offer a wide range of bag machinery, tested for both its efficiency and ease of maintenance. Depending upon your requirements for modified atmosphere packaging, using sealing foil or film laminates, coated paper or other multilayer materials, our knowledge and experience will guide you to make the correct decisions with long-term planning in mind.

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