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What Installation for Ohlson Packaging Equipment Looks Like

Published on June 26, 2020

Whenever a company comes close to purchasing a packaging equipment solution, one question almost always comes up.

“What does the installation process for my machinery look like?”

Ohlson/SupportPro Service Technicians are trained to install, test and run all Ohlson Equipment.

Every system is different, with the length of an installation dependent on a number of factors – including the number of different products and containers being run, and the overall complexity of the system itself. However, a standard Ohlson Systems typically take approximately five (5) days to effectively install, test and train onsite.

Here’s how a typical install schedule breaks down, as well as the steps that take place in each phase.

Ohlson Installation Expectations Chart

Prior to Ohlson Packaging/SupportPro Technician arrival

All ordered equipment will be shipped to the customer’s location in advance of the installation.

In order to make the best use of time, prior to the technician’s arrival the equipment should be uncrated, and placed in position at or near it’s final location, with power and air hookups already run to the proper spots (which are laid out on your approval drawing.

For most systems, a forklift must also be available for rigging, with a customer technician available for installation assistance and training. Some larger machines (such as pre-made pouch machines) may require extended forks or other equipment – which will be specified pre-install.

Initial System Setup and Testing

Once the SupportPro technician arrives, they and the customer technician will position the system in place per the approval drawing. Once everything is spotted properly, the technicians will wire and plumb all air lines, and connect them to the power and air drops.

Testing is where collaboration between the Ohlson/SupportPro technician and the customer team is critical. For each of the customer’s specified products and containers, the technician will load the system, dial in the required parameters, and conduct trial runs to identify and confirm any mechanical or control adjustments needed. So both test product and containers must be available.

For systems with multiple product and container types, this may take some time. But in the end, each container, product, and target weights for multi-head weighers or other systems will be programmed into the system as a set program.

Training of Customer Operators and Maintenance Staff

The final phase of the installation process is probably the most important – the training of our customers’ operations and maintenance staff about how the equipment operates, and what steps are needed to properly maintain the machinery.

Our service team takes the time to review the system with all operators, covering:

  • Product/Container Loading
  • System Operation
  • HMI/PLC interaction
  • and Cleaning and Preventative Maintenance

Post Installation

With more than 50 years of experience in the field, the Ohlson team knows that our technical support doesn’t stop once we leave a customer’s facility.

Every Ohlson machine sold direct comes with lifetime phone support to our customers, helping to troubleshoot minor issues like calibrating a bucket on a multi-head weigher to working with our engineering and programming team to set up a new program for the system.

We stock the vast majority of potential wear parts in our Taunton, MA facility, where they can be shipped overnight – if needed – to make sure our customers can keep their operations moving quickly.

SupportPro technicians are also trained and ready to service equipment from other members of the Duravant family of operating companies: ARPAC, FMH Conveyors, Hamer-Fischbein, Key Technology, Marlen, Mespack, Ohlson Packaging, Wulftec, motion06, WECO and QC Conveyors.

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