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Augers and Auger Fillers

Key Specs
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+ Standard Model
18 5/16" x 19 7/16" x 27 3/8"
Hopper Size
26 or 50L
  • Servo-Driven for Exceptional Speed & Accuracy
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Easy to Remove Tooling and Hopper
  • Agitator Blade to Facilitate Product Flow
  • Speeds to 80 Bags Per Minute
  • Accuracy up to 3/10th Of 1% Depending on Fill Volume and Consistency of Product Density (Dependent on product samples)
  • Multiple screw types available (product specific)
  • Semi-automatic models include two inter-changeable filling modes, fill by volume or fill by weight

Looking for an Auger?

If you're looking for an auger filler for your powder or granulated product, request a quote to get in touch with our team. We'll arrange to have your product tested to determine the right auger screws and settings for your application.

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Product Description

Ohlson Packaging manufactures a number of different styles of augers and other equipment to help move powered and granulated substances through the packaging process.

For instances where the materials need to be conveyed vertically, screw conveyors may also be used.


Auger Filler Model# AUG-10006-SS Download
High Accuracy Auger Filler Model # AUG-SA-SS Download


Auger and Screw Conveyor Demo Watch