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Container Indexing System

Key Specs
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+ Standard Specs
40-140 bottles per minute
Bottle/Jar Sizes
Vary by application
  • (8) Eight Station Positive Entry Chute Lift
  • (8) Eight Holding Hoppers
  • (8) Eight Distribution Chutes
  • Product Settler Filling 8 Containers
  • (8) Eight Channel Vibratory Feeders
  • Feed Chutes Gradually to Avoid Jamming
  • Allows a Large Range of Sticky Gummies to Flow
  • (8) Eight Station Plunger – Confirms Product is Below Neck of Bottle
  • Tool-less, Fast Changeover
  • PLC Controls
  • User Friendly, Color Touch Screen Interface

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Product Description

Ohlson Packaging’s container indexing system provides a high-speed bottle and jar filling solution, filling  2,4,6, or 8 containers at a time in a single double or quad lane indexing conveyor.

The system includes single, double, or quad lane indexing conveyor, entry chute lift, distribution pivot chutes, holding hoppers, vibratory channel feeders, and product settler to reduce jamming with sticky gummy products, and plungers to ensure product is below the neck of the bottle before it is capped or sealed.


Container Screw Indexing System – DLQCIC-SS Download


Packing Gummy Candies in Bottles (Full System) Watch