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Metal Detectors

Key Specs
Technical Info
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+ MD-CR-100
Opening Dimensions
400MM Wide (15.748”) x 150MM High (5.9”)
Effective Opening
100 MM (3.937”) High
+ MD-CR-150
Opening Dimensions
400MM Wide (15.748”) x 200MM High (7.87”)
Effective Opening
150MM (5.9”) High
+ MD-CR-200
Opening Dimensions
400MM Wide (15.748”) x 250MM High (9.84”)
Effective Opening
200MM (7.87”) High
Product falls though vertically; Mounts between scale and container
Opening Dimensions
229MM Wide (9”) x 229MM Long (9”)
Effective Opening
146MM (5.75”)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Flashing light alarm and horn
  • 100 product programs with user-friendly remote color touch pad
  • Battery backup
  • Combination metal detector & check weigher

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Product Description

When it comes to the food industry, industrial food metal detectors play a critical role in quality assurance. The Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures, as well as other audit processes and government organizations have strict regulations and industry standards in place that businesses must be in compliance with at all times.

Our metal detection machines, which can either be on a conveyor or set up to detect metal contaminants as they fall through a vertical opening, are highly sensitive to the presence of metal in any of the food products moving through the system within your supply chain. This detection enables you to identify any issues and avoid contaminating your entire production and packaging processes.

All models include:

  • Option to Stop Automatically Upon Metal Detection & Automatically Reject Container
  • Accuracy up to 0.8 mm FE and 2.0 mm SS (Product dependent)


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Metal Detector in Action Watch

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