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Apple Filling Machines

Apples are a Building Block Food

Apples are one of the first foods many people eat as children, and they continue to be one of the most basic foods we have in the world.

Apples are found in a variety of products and a variety of formats – whether it is applesauce into a jar, single serving packages of slices apples (packaged via a vertical form fill seal machine), or dried apples into a trail mix or other snack.

'Apples on a tree'

Apple Packaging Presents Unique Challenges

While apples are a central part of many people’s daily fruit intakes, they also present some unique packaging challenges.

When sliced apples are run through packaging machinery – such as a multi-head scale – the composition of the fruit makes the product move extremely quickly through the system, which can cause accuracy issues if the system is not designed properly.

This is just one of the lessons the Ohlson team has learned during our 50+ years in the packaging industry – let us show you the rest.

'Apple Slices on Ohlson Multihead weigher'

Equipment for Your Apple Packaging Needs

Weighing and Filling
Primary Packaging Machinery
Additional Packaging Equipment and Accessories
Combination Weighers & Counters
Ohlson Stainless Steel Multihead Scales & Counters are perfect for an array of high-accuracy and high-speed applications.
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Linear Weighers
Ohlson Stainless Steel Linear Weighing & Counting Systems are an ideal solution for automating your highly repetitive, labor-intensive processes.
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Liquid Piston Filler
Ohlson Packaging's piston fillers are the choice for liquid packing applications, allowing for the precise dosing of liquids into various containers.
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Vertical Form Fill Seal
Ohlson Packaging manufactures a variety of vertical form fill seal machines for various applications.
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Container Indexing System
Ohlson Packaging’s container indexing system provides a high-speed bottle and jar filling solution, filling 8 containers at a time in a single lane.
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Pre-Made Pouch Machines
Ohlson Packaging’s Pre-made pouch machines come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to fit with your specific production workflow.
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Take Away Conveyors
Take away conveyors help bring bags up to a working height after packaging onto a rotary collection table or other step in the packaging process.
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Supply Hopper
Supply hoppers allow for the steady flow of product onto a conveyor, bucket elevator, weigher, or other pieces of the packaging process, and are often integrated into weighing and filling systems.
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Incline Conveyors
Our cleated incline belt conveyor is a reliable way to transport your products throughout different stations of the production process.
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Metal Detectors
Metal detectors play an integral role in the overall quality assurance process when packaging food products.
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