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Gummy and Gummy Vitamin Packaging

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Gummies – along with other sticky products – require specific adjustments to multi-head weighers and other packaging machinery. The most basic change is to use dimpled product surfaces – from the hopper and bucket elevator all the way through the scale – rather than flat, which provides less surface area for the products to stick to.

Depending whether the gummies are oiled, sugared, or have other unique flow characteristics, other modifications – such as angled feed pans to increase the speed of product moving through the scale – may also make sense. Ohlson’s unique systems can even handle complex products such as Omega Fish Oil and other unsanded or sanded gummies – whether for vitamins, nutraceuticals, or confectionary.

'Gummy Vitamins on Ohlson Multi Head Scale'

Speeds Up To 160 Bottles Per Minute

The stickiness of gummies also comes into play with the concept of clumping – which can cause issues in both the weighing and filling processes. Because clumping can create accuracy issues with linear scales, Ohlson generally recommends multi-head scales to most gummy packaging systems designed for retail packages.

The issues with clumping also translate into the filling process. Clumps of product may not easily flow through a forming tub or into a bottle. For better reliability, it generally makes sense to have the system meter out the flow of the product into the package. In order to reach the speeds required, Ohlson’s gummy bottling system overcomes that limitation by filling multiple bottles at one time. Easy-clean parts and a quick changeover design creates the most versatile system in the industry.

'Bottle Filling Gummy Line'

See Our System in Action

Want to see our gummy packaging systems in action? Check out these videos:

Gummy Solutions Video

'Gummies on Conveyor'

Equipment Designed for Gummy Applications

Infeed & Weighing
Filling and Sealing
Supply Hopper
Supply hoppers allow for the steady flow of product onto a conveyor, bucket elevator, weigher, or other pieces of the packaging process, and are often integrated into weighing and filling systems.
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Combination Weighers & Counters
Ohlson Stainless Steel Multihead Scales & Counters are perfect for an array of high-accuracy and high-speed applications.
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Bucket Elevators
A bucket elevator is a great tool for those who need to deliver powder or small granule materials vertically for additional processing or packaging.
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Customized Indexing Conveyors
Ohlson Packaging manufactures a variety of indexing conveyors to integrate to our customers’ specific needs, allowing for the precision filling of any container.
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Container Indexing System
Ohlson Packaging’s container indexing system provides a high-speed bottle and jar filling solution, filling 8 containers at a time in a single lane.
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Bottle Filling and Capping Systems
Ohlson Packaging’s rotary automatic bottle filling and capping machine provides a compact system to allow for the easy and automatic filling of bottles containing liquid, powders, or solids.
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