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Pet Food Packaging Machines

Pet Food Quality Improving Constantly

The pet food industry has undergone a rapid transformation over the past decade – with an ever-increasing focus on the quality of pet food products – with processes and package formats which were originally seen only in traditional food products.

Many brands are marketing their pet foods with bright packaging touting products which are fully organic, high protein, or designed for pets with special dietary needs. This sea change makes it important for pet food manufacturers to ensure they are constantly innnovating to keep up with the next trend.

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Pet Food Packaging Includes All Formats

Pet food packaging may primarily conjure up images of large bags of dry foods, but in reality the industry is far more varied and dynamic.

While those large bulk bags still exist for many brands, many pet food products – such as treats and other foods – are now sold in canisters, smaller-format bags, and even pre-made stand-up pouches. That variety makes it important for pet food manufacturers to prioritize flexibility and accuracy – so that their packaging equipment can handle the variety of product types the market may demand.


Equipment for Your Pet Food Packaging Needs

Weighing and Filling Machinery
Bagging, Pouching, and Boxing Equipment
Additional Packaging Equipment and Accessories
Combination Weighers & Counters
Ohlson Stainless Steel Multihead Scales & Counters are perfect for an array of high-accuracy and high-speed applications.
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Augers and Auger Fillers
Ohlson Packaging manufactures a number of different styles of augers and other equipment to help move powered and granulated substances through the packaging process.
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Volumetric Fillers
Ohlson's volumetric filler uses cups to fill a container with a specific amount of free-flowing product and is designed to integrate with our VFFS machines.
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Linear Weighers
Ohlson Stainless Steel Linear Weighing & Counting Systems are an ideal solution for automating your highly repetitive, labor-intensive processes.
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Vertical Form Fill Seal
Ohlson Packaging manufactures a variety of vertical form fill seal machines for various applications.
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Pre-Made Pouch Machines
Ohlson Packaging’s Pre-made pouch machines come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to fit with your specific production workflow.
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Complete Automated Systems
Ohlson Packaging is your premier choice for fully automated, reliable and accurate automatic packaging machinery.
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Container Indexing System
Ohlson Packaging’s container indexing system provides a high-speed bottle and jar filling solution, filling 8 containers at a time in a single lane.
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Rotary Collection Table
Rotary tables are work positioning devices that allow for precision when dealing with metalworking, milling, other CNC machining techniques as well as bagging end-of-line production.
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Take Away Conveyors
Take away conveyors help bring bags up to a working height after packaging onto a rotary collection table or other step in the packaging process.
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Bucket Elevators
A bucket elevator is a great tool for those who need to deliver powder or small granule materials vertically for additional processing or packaging.
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Metal Detectors
Metal detectors play an integral role in the overall quality assurance process when packaging food products.
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